Editorial Management

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It’s simple. Existing editorial systems weren’t built for a rapidly evolving, multichannel world. Outdated WYSIWYG editors and static data models are too constrained and unable to quickly respond to your changing needs.

Take your next step with NewsEditPro™ and see what a truly agile system can do for you today...and tomorrow!


Jazbox® is MediaSpan’s heavy-duty content management solution with an emphasis on connecting larger workgroups and automatically publishing content to multiple channels. These channels could be the Web, Mobile, an e-reader, print or whatever is next. With a database-centered structure, Jazbox® conforms to an individual paper’s workflow needs, streamlining the workflow, yet allowing for change and modifications in the midst of the production cycle. Jazbox®’s platform-flexible format and centralized asset management features help your publication consolidate processes, saving time and money. 


IQue, the industry's most popular editorial workflow solution, is a full-featured suite of products that minimizes the steps required to deliver timely information to your customers in both traditional and modern multimedia channels.